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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

We recognise that the rapid resolution of business disputes is critical. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is no longer optional but is central to the court rules. The ability to resolve disputes in a proportionate and flexible way assists with the control of such problems and the costs associated with them.

An early assessment of disputes allows us to identify both a proactive and proportionate strategy which is the optimum route to a successful outcome.

We shall help clients in a range of sectors to assess the suitability of ADR to the nature of any particular dispute. This has benefited clients by:

       - Preserving commercial relationships

       - Controlling costs, by avoiding potentially expensive legal proceedings or by resolving the legal process at an
          early stage

        -  Reducing clients’ management time in the process of litigation

        -  Controlling the outcome of a dispute rather than being wholly reliant on a judicial assessment

        -  Aligning an accurate legal assessment with a focus on the commercial realities of a dispute

        -  Providing support to clients via the alternatives of litigation and mediation

THEMIS represent clients in all forms of ADR including mediation, expert determination and arbitration. We also provide training in ADR and the drafting of ADR clauses within contracts.

THEMIS aim initially is to offer advice on the suitability of the ADR process in terms of the specific business needs of each client. THEMIS can then represent clients within the ADR process and design commercially realistic and appropriate alternative dispute resolution strategies.

Avoiding claims altogether is as important as managing claims. THEMIS provide practical advice for clients through regular news alerts, workshops and training. Topics covered include developing areas of law affecting organizations e.g corporate manslaughter.

Catastrophic injury claims

Minimizing the impact of catastrophic injury

Low frequency, high impact incidents present complex considerations for insurers. Balancing these issues with rapid action is essential to achieve the optimum outcome for both the injured party and insurer.

- Catastrophic injury claims inflation continues to accelerate significantly ahead of that of high volume claims.

- Addressing the rehabilitation needs of the injured party has impacts significantly on the final outcome for all parties.

- Cases often attract media attention, creating associated considerations for the insured.

THEMIS utilise significant expertise and a network of sector specialists to:

- focus upon the injured party whilst protecting your position;

- deliver early stage liability advice;

- adopt an early intervention strategy;

- support appropriate, timely rehabilitation;

- give due regard to care regimes, mental capacity, life expectancy, periodical payments, indexation and the impact of statutory funding;

- constructively communicate with claimant solicitors and relevant experts to achieve early resolution;
- offer the full range of alternative dispute resolution options.

The benefits

- The claimant benefits from a professional and fair approach which encourages early rehabilitation.

- Insurers enjoy the confidence to settle genuine claims appropriately whilst controlling cost.

- The brand of the insurer and insured is protected throughout the process.

Complex claims solution

The impact on businesses of a major and/or complex loss resulting in a claim can be significant. The impact can be damaging both financially and to the reputation of the company involved.

THEMIS recognize the significance of complex claims to businesses and provide a client-focused, sensitive and cost-effective service in relation to a full range of complex claims. Our team comprises some of the country’s leading experts and is split into two distinct teams covering both personal injury and commercial claims.

The team is experienced in dealing with claims from both a claimant and defendant perspective. This means that problems are anticipated quickly and in advance, while ensuring a sympathetic approach is adapted to claims. THEMIS experts are based across our national locations, providing an immediate response to issues with a bespoke case strategy for resolution.
Reducing claims costs for clients is a priority and where possible alternative dispute resolution will be used.

The teams provide advice in relation to:

- Personal injury
- Catastrophic
- Complex
- Disease •

- Commercial
- Property and recovery
- Construction
- Contractual
- Environmental
- Product


Directors' and officers' liability

THEMIS combines significant experience of providing services to insurer and insured clients with in-depth knowledge of the regulatory and corporate sectors to provide an offering which delivers quality case management with costs control.



Reducing claims expenditure (on both damages and costs) is a priority for the disease team. We work closely with clients to identify at an early stage which cases to settle and which to repudiate. We help all clients to tailor ways of reducing / avoiding future claims.

Our services and expertise meet the spectrum of needs of a wide range of insurers, corporate clients, brokers, adjusters and insureds that self-fund or are unable to trace their insurers.

THEMIS specialist team continues to coordinate pro active strategy responses for all key issues arising across the spectrum of long and short tail disease claims.



Employers' liability

The obligatory nature of employers’ liability insurance means that it affects all employers. For this reason THEMIS offer a fully integrated process of referral of claims to specialist teams as well as a risk assessment and profiling service.

THEMIS employers' liability specialists deliver pre and post-litigation handling to the full range of insurers, brokers, liability adjusters, loss adjusters, companies and individuals across the country. Comprehensive yet cost effective management of employers’ liability claims is always the priority.

Motor claims solutions

THEMIS provides tailored solutions for a wide variety of clients, including insurers, brokers, transport operators and companies with their own distribution networks or motor fleet.
Our approach is to combine legal expertise and commercial know-how. This applies whether we’re handling routine accident damage, personal injury or high value/complex claims or providing ongoing strategic guidance.

Reducing claims costs for our clients is of the utmost importance and we achieve this through streamlining the lifecycle and minimizing the volume of claims. This helps to protect a client’s business and safeguard their reputation.

THEMIS provide an integrated pre and post-litigation service covering all elements of the claims process. This allows clients to choose services that suit their business needs and benefit from a single provider. Our core services include:

- Early and effective third party intervention
- Investigation services
- Desktop claims handling
- Alternative dispute resolution
- Non-fault personal injury service
- Disaster management
- Complex dispute resolution



Product liability

Protecting our clients' profits, brands and reputation is of utmost importance to THEMIS. When the risk associated with a client’s product becomes an issue of liability, any resulting legal claims need expert handling.

THEMIS has extensive experience in dealing with product liability claims for insurers and insureds, and operates across a variety of sectors such as aviation, electronics, food, manufacturers, transport, distribution and retail. Our clients range from major international manufacturers to national retailers and small engineering companies.
Our team offers guidance and expertise on all the complex issues that arise in this field including:

- Defence of claims for damages arising from the supply and use of defective products
- Advice on criminal prosecutions
- Pursuing claims for indemnity/contribution from others involved in the contractual supply chain
- Advice to underwriters and policy holders on the scope of policy coverage
- General advice on product liability insurance, including strategies for dealing with product recall
- International multi-jurisdictional disputes
- Dealing with the media and regulatory bodies
- Group litigation orders/class actions
- Advice on legislative compliance

As a national law firm we are able to deal with a full range of claims of any size and can draw on expertise of our full service capability.


Cyber liability

For any observer of the online risk environment, the rise of cyber risks will not have gone unnoticed. We at Themis recognize that stupendous growth of electronic data storage and communication has created new challenges for our clients and that cyber security breaches are now a painful reality for organizations of all kinds, at all levels. At Themis, we are well-equipped to deal with the challenges posed by Cyber Liability claims and provide client with cost-effective solution.

Professional and financial risks

Professional negligence claims are distressing and time consuming from a professional, personal and financial point of view. At THEMIS , our aim is to make the legal process as smooth as possible for the affected party.

THEMIS has plans in place to position as a leading national firm in the professional indemnity market, providing straight-talking advice to both traditional and emerging professions.

We pride ourselves on offering a personal and practical service. By balancing the interests of the insurer and the insured, we produce clear-thinking strategies that focus on the commercial realities of every claim to manage costs and meet each client’s objectives.

Our clients
We are focused on insurers/reinsurers and insuring public (corporate and others).

Property Insurance (including Business Interruption)

Themis carries rich  experience in the field of Insurance Law  (Local & International) and Corporate policy wordings on international lines and claim settlement on global lines.  More often  business interruption claim is critical in terms of financial exposure and often a matter of contention.. At Themis, we provide the comprehensive range of services needed to achieve the best result.


Commercial General Liability

Themis has extensive experience with legal and business issues including personal injury, property damage, premises liability and economic loss. Our years of experience gained through a defense-directed practice allow us to quickly and correctly analyze issues, risks, and exposures for litigation.


Government investigations into regulatory compliance can be intrusive and intimidating and it is crucial that legal advice is sought at the earliest opportunity. Themis offers service to help clients with urgent regulatory matters. Our dedicated team, provides advice to clients on investigations instigated by a range of government organisations.


Insurer can have dispute with Reinsurer with regard to claim recovery. Themis is well placed to address such issues.

Retail claims

THEMIS claims management and litigation services provide an unrivalled and cost-efficient single-source solution to the retail sector.

We handle all aspects of the claims process. By eliminating multiple service providers, we are able to achieve optimum claims savings and excellence in service delivery.

The benefits

As an integral part of your risk management programme, we will provide a 24/7 dedicated client service team which will:

-Reduce the cost of claims
-Achieve fast and fair settlement of valid claims
-Detect and defeat fraudulent claims
-Provide unrivalled expertise and sector knowledge
-Help analyse and predict new and emerging risks
-Offer innovative pricing and funding arrangements
-Provide bespoke management information and online case management systems

The solution

Our core activity is handling all types of employers’ liability, public liability, motor and product claims. We provide expertise in the following areas, which are of particular relevance to the retail sector:

-Catastrophic injury/fatalities
-False imprisonment
-Health and safety
-Property damage


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