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Themis is represented by renowned legal firms, legal luminaries and insurance specialists with experience ranging  from 5 years to 30 years. Themis is more responsive and innovative  alternative to conventional ‘large-firm’ lawyering. Themis realizes that inspired acts of tenacity and imagination are the only way boundaries get pushed.


At Themis, you won't find heavily starched attorneys/insurance specialists thinking equally rigid thoughts. Instead, you'll find teams of spirited individualists looking beyond the expected to the exceptional, where the extraordinary solutions are found. Themis  Attorneys /insurance specialists has led the way in creating and implementing innovative, workable solutions that help growth companies and established business leaders build, grow, protect and defend their positions through every phase of business development. Our strong focus and deep experience, combined with our broad industry networks, help middle market businesses and principals achieve their objectives.


Themis is unique in its make‐up and structure. We understand the needs of businesses of all sizes and categories. We have expressly designed our firm to help our clients grow their businesses by aligning our objectives to their mission success. We understand challenger thinking and how to help mid- and small-sized businesses punch above their weight. Yet we also rely on experience representing major or dominant players in their industries to leverage forceful results. We are extremely proud of the clients who choose to work with us and the longevity of our relationships with them. We work in a way that best suits each client and their principals to deliver the right mix of dedicated professionals. Trusted client relationships coupled with Themis lawyers’ & Insurance specialists’ knowledge of cutting-edge legal theories and ability to deliver practical, daily advice delivers a winning combination.




To assure that we realize the objectives implicit in our mission it is essential that we consistently deliver smart, strategic advice and services to our clients.


Guiding Principles


In pursuit of this mission and success of our vision we will hold to four main principles: focus, excellence, positive thinking, and efficiency.



Focus involves emphasis on understanding our clients’ better and aligning ourselves with their objectives. We believe that by doing this we can provide more informed and valued business solutions that help ensure our clients’ continued growth and success. Focus is also about ensuring that, as a firm, we are all working diligently towards the same goal. We each have something unique to contribute to the common goal, and we communicate with and share what we have learned with the team along the way. By being aligned as a team and with our clients, we are able to deliver uncommon results.



We value excellence in all that we do and strive to be the best. We work hard as part of a team, for the good of our clients and the good of our firm. By persevering until the task is completed, we ensure that the results are above and beyond our clients' expectations. Our clients expect excellence from every aspect of their interaction with us, and it is our mission to meet and exceed those expectations.


Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is the discipline we value to derive positive outcomes. Positive thinking is about knowing there is a legal solution to accomplish our client’s goals, alignment to a clear vision of what is desired, and perseverance to overcome whatever hurdles stand in the way of a positive result.



We value efficiency and continually look for new and better ways of doing business. As a law firm, we are efficient because we work together to deliver the very best work product and advice to our clients. We continually work to develop and improve our business practices and streamline our internal processes. Being efficient is about taking initiatives, being proactive and always thinking one step ahead, and maintaining excellent communication. We work hard to continually evolve as a group and to anticipate the needs and challenges of the dynamic client base that we serve.




We leverage our diversity to provide excellent advice and forceful representation in a broad range of business sectors and practice areas.




Sectors Practices
Construction & Engineering - Alternative dispute resolution
Government Contracting - Catastrophic injury claims
Finance - Complex claims solution
International Business & Trade - Directors and officers
Manufacturing & Distribution - Disease
Technology - Employers' liability
Aerospace & Defense - Motor claims solutions
Estate & Wealth Planning - Product liability (including product defects)
Education - Cyber liability
Retail - Professional and financial risks
Health - Property insurance (including business interruption /delay in startup)
  - Commercial General Liability
  - Regulatory
  - Reinsurance
  - Retail claims

- Help insurers develop innovative products by reviewing or drafting new policy language and customizing existing policies   to meet particular insurance needs.


- Support in developing products which shall meet regulatory requirements, Current legal developments.



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